Cacao Ceremony

I encountered the wonderful pairing of cacao and ceremony earlier this year and knew right away there was something special to it.

Cacao – finally, a healthy outlet for my lifelong love of chocolate, hurrah!

Ceremony & Ritual – so lacking in our modern world. I don’t know about you, but my soul is craving more space for ceremony, more opportunities to unplug from the frenzy, tune into my Self, connect with others, and experience the magic of life.

So I have some chocolatey-adventures a-brewing. Starting with the following end-of-year-event.

I so hope you can make it, let’s create a beautiful memory together.


Chocolate Yoga: A Cosy Ceremony to Close the Year

Gather for a simple cacao ceremony to bring a touch of ritual to close the year.

In the container of group ceremony we will connect to ourselves, with each other, and reflect on the year just passed. Assisted by the beautiful cacao plant we will consciously bring an end to the year and lay the ground for the year ahead.

When: Sunday 16th December, 10am-12pm

Where: The Therapy Centre, 6B Church Street
(off London Street), Reading,  Berkshire, RG1 2SB

Cost: £25 if booked before the 30th November, £30 thereafter. Cost includes your dose of 100% ceremonial grade cacao

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What to expect:

Our gathering will flow roughly as follows:

  • Set up and open our sacred space (please bring an item for the altar that symbolizes your journey in 2018 – you can take this home with you at the end!)
  • Short introduction to cacao
  • Drinking of yummy ceremonial cacao…mmmmm
  • A guided group reflection on 2018
  • A gentle movement practice to help the cacao weave herself through us
  • Guided relaxation into the fertile darkness of winter
  • Radical rest and inner journey, supported by a soundscape
  • Closing of our ceremonial space

Basically it’s gonna be mega chill!

What to bring:

  • Your beautiful self
  • A yoga mat if you have one (if not let me know ahead of time)
  • A journal/notepad + pen
  • An item that is is symbolic of your 2018 journey (or at least part of it) to place on our central altar
  • Comfy clothes to move in
  • A blanket, eye pillow, cushion – basically anything you need to get super comfy during relaxation and while sitting in circle
  • WATER!!
  • A beautiful cup to receive your ceremonial cacao (I can provide you with a paper cup if not, but beautiful and personal is nice for ceremony)
  • A snack to break your fast at the end (vegetarian please)
  • Openness to connect authentically and honestly with your Self, your experience, the Group, and the Wisdom of the Cacao Deva.
Some Useful Details

Cacao Awareness

Cacao sacrament is made from 100% ceremonial grade cacao imported from the Guatemala Highlands ~ fair trade, sustainably resourced and lovingly produced. It is dairy,  gluten and sugar free, and vegan.

Please let me know if you are pregnant or have any food-related

Cacao is a wonderful and safe way to experience chocolate as a plant teacher and transformational facilitator. The only contraindications are mixing Ceremonial Cacao with anti-depressants, or using if suffering from heart conditions or serious illness.


Event Preparations

Please arrive with an empty stomach – no food (at least nothing heavy) for 3 hours prior to event. A light breakfast of fruit, toast, green juices, etc, is recommended.

Please avoid caffeine and dairy cow products on the day – they do not mix well with  Cacao. Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Post-Cacao Care
Cacao has a truly wonderful, sentient way of working to clear whatever is in the way of you connecting deeper to yourself and life through the precious Temple of your Being. This subtle process can sometimes last for around three days ~ throughout this time, transformation, release and realignment is taking place, although it should in no way affect whatever else you need to do in your day/schedule. The best way to support this process is to just accept, open, receive and be patient and compassionate with your self and your experience. Allow the heart-blood river of the Cacao Deva to wash through you.

Post-cacao experience can show up in myriad, powerful and subtle ways including dreamwork and gentle emotional release and realignment. It is possible to support this process by being kind with yourself, and supporting the body and energy system through conscious nurturing diet, embodied movement and practice, time in nature, Epsom salt baths, bodywork, rest and stillness.

Cacao is a powerful diuretic and transformational aid so it is very important to keep well hydrated for 48 hours after the event – this increased fluidic flow supports the energetic and physical purification process. Very occasionally, there may be an experience of headache/nausea, which is often an indicator of some resistance and/or strong healing and clearing ~ if this last for more than half a day, you are welcome to contact me for support.

I look forward to sharing with you soon!

Much Love, Sam x