Guide to Top Essential Oil Companies + Price Comparison

Need some help shopping for essential oils?

You want to use essential oils but you’re not sure where to buy them. With so many choices, and everyone claiming to sell “100% pure and natural” products, it’s a consumer minefield. This is especially so as the industry is not regulated, so you really have no guarantees about what your buying, aside from what the companies tell you. 

Let me flag up my potential conflict of interests from the outset. I did much of this research a year ago when I was weighing up choices, and ultimately dove in and got a doTERRA membership and started using and sharing their oils. I’m a wellness advocate for them, which means I sell them and work with customers who, like me, decide doTERRA is the one for them.

My hope is to keep this pretty unbiased and present the facts.  DoTERRA is one of several great options, and while I’d love it if you joined me over in camp DoTERRA, I understand it’s not for everyone.

My hope it that if DoTERRA isn’t for you, this blog will set you on your way to buying from another great company, and enjoying real essential oils from them. And if you decide to go for doTERRA, then of course, I’m here to help further.

There’s no one-size-fits-all here. Some people just like BMWs, and some just like Audis, that’s just how it goes.

Right, let’s get to it.

Quality Matters

It seems like everyone and their cat is selling essential oils these days. You can probably buy a 10-pack at the 99p store.  There are plenty of cheap oils around, but these are little more than perfume. The focus of this review and price comparison is on companies selling at the higher end in terms of quality.

If you’re looking to make perfume, or your own beauty products, and you’re not fussed about the healing properties of the plant being present, then you can save money and not bother with these more expensive therapeutic grade oils.

If however, you really are looking for plant power at it’s best and most potent, if you want the many therapeutic benefits you may have heard about, or read about over on PubMed, then read on to see if one of these companies resonates, and also to get an idea of what to look out for when reviewing a potential company.

The cheaper oils you’ll find around can be classed as ‘cosmetic grade’. Basically, they’re natural perfume. If you’re looking for something to make your bath or massage oils smell nice, and nothing more, then these may be a fine choice. But I’m assuming here you’re looking for full-spectrum essential oils.

A List of Some Good Companies

As part of my oil education I’m studying with Tiffany Pollard, her Healing Oil Collective is brilliant journey to working with plant consciousness via their essential oils.

As part of the first section of the course she provided a list of Quality Essential Oil Companies  which of course, I’m linking here for you so you can get a sense of the options available.

What to look out for

Don’t just rely on the label to tell you what’s inside. The terms ‘pure’, ‘100%  pure’, ‘therapeutic’, ‘100% natural’, even ‘organic’, don’t tell you all that much. There is a lot of deception that takes place with labelling, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not.  The main thing here is to dig around a bit beneath the label to get more information on which to base your buying decision on.  Unless quality doesn’t matter to you at all, you really don’t want to buy the first, or heaven forbid cheapest, essential oils you come across.

With that in mind, always buy from a company that has a dedicated website and provides detailed information on their oils, the sourcing and  the measures they have in place to assure quality.  You can tell a lot from a company’s website.

If you have questions, send them an email. A good response (indeed, a response at all!) is another good sign.

Watch out for companies that sell all their essential oils for a similar price; frankincense, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, neroli….these should be MUCH more expensive than lemon or orange for instance.

Organic can be good, but it isn’t everything. Some smaller companies may harvest wild plants to craft lovely essential oils, but be unable to pay for the organic certification.

Other companies, like doterra, that source from over 40 countries where the definition of organic varies wildly, and who decide that they want to go for 100% pure nature, rather than 95% (which is the standard to pass as organic) may also choose to forgo the organic certification and go down a different route.  With DoTERRA they created their own standard – CPTG – certified pure therapeutic grade.

Watch our for companies that primarily sell to the food/drinks industry and/or perfume/spa industry. Their prices will be cheaper but their goal in producing essential oils is not for therapeutic benefits.  The oils may undergo different treatments to remove any impurities, but also be tampered with to make the smells/taste consistent. This all has an impact on the therapeutic effects of the end result.

Price!! Expensive isn’t always a sign of high quality, but you can rest assured that if you pay next to nothing, the product you get will be close to that too.

Price Comparison

Let’s face it, we’re interested in the bottom line here, and no one wants to pay above the odds.

I gathered a selection of well-known and well-regarded essential oil companies and did a price comparison on a selection of popular oils. The six oils I chose are the six single oils found in DoTERRA’s home essentials kit. This is the kit I recommend people start with as it’s super versatile, and these oils cover a lot of ground. So I thought these would be as good as any to compare.

You can checkout the spreadsheet here.

Where prices were only in USD or GBP I had to do some calculations. Where companies only sold 5ml, 10ml, or 30ml, I had to do some calculations to compare at the 15ml size that most offer. So these aren’t 100% accurate, but good enough to get a sense of general pricing.

What you’ll notice is that, other than lemon, which is one of the cheapest oils to produce, generally, you won’t get 15ml of a quality oil for under a tenner.

Here are a few companies included in the price comparison with some notes.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Not a company I’ve used, but one that Tiffany Pollard recommends in her course. Their prices are on the cheaper side, but some oils are clearly listed as not for therapeutic uses, more for perfume/soap making etc..  This is reflected in the price and honestly stated in the description.

Lots of good information on their website about their commitment to organic farming, sustainable farming and fair trade. All good stuff that contributes to a good oil.

Rocky Mountain

These guys have good information on their quality testing. They have a  “S.A.A.F.E. PROMISE: Our S.A.A.F.E. Promise is our guarantee to you that our essential oils are what we say they are: 100% pure and natural. We conduct GC/MS tests on each of our essential oils twice; once before we buy them from a supplier and again before we send them to you. The RMO S.A.A.F.E. Promise ensures you receive an authentic product you can trust.”

Each bottle also has a batch number on the bottom of the bottle. This batch number is the unique identifier that allows you to access the oil’s GC/MS test results.  This shows a strong commitment to testing for quality and providing transparency to consumers. A sure sign of a good essential oil company.  DoTERRA do this also, by-the-by 😉

This one actually seems to be the closest to doTERRA in my opinion, they even have a loyalty programme. I haven’t reviewed this in great depth but it seems like a nice bonus for those who really want to embrace the oily-lifestyle.

If you’re based in the US you also get free shipping-hurrah!  One of the things that prevents me from buying from many of these great US-based companies is the international shipping costs, and often the custom charges that get whacked on on-top of that!

Stillpoint Aromatics

Straight from Tiffany Pollard “Nice reputation, offers local plant distillations, GC/MS reports, sample sizes available, exceptional education about each EO on the site including energetics and recipes, bulk options available, easy to use website with reviews on site. Offers Aromatherapy certification programs that are well recognized. Wholesale available.”

Living Libations

LOOOOOVE Nadine Artemis (the owner of this company), and while I’ve never bought her products, because the shipping and custom charges are just crazy-pantaloons for someone here on ye-English-isle – I would pretty much guarantee that her essential oils are the bomb. You can listen to her talk about her work on various podcasts like this one or this one.  You can just tell she means business, she’s serious about doing things RIGHT.

Lotus Garden Botanicals

Wildcrafted, ethically farmed, and also many organics, GC-MS reports available.

Fragrant Earth

UK-based, so a great choice if you are in the UK and the above US companies and the dreaded shipping and custom charges don’t appeal. I feel you!

Someone I know who is an aromatherapist recommended them. There were a couple of oils I needed recently for Tiffany’s Healing Oil Collective course which doTERRA didn’t offer, so I tried these out. The oils seemed nice. They offer a good amount of information on their website, although to be honest it was the personal recommendation (which counts a lot in my view!) which led me to try them. Shipping was £5.95 for a couple of oils, which is one reason I’ve opted to bed in with doterra and buy mostly from them as I get free shipping and other bonuses through their loyalty reward programme.  But if you’re in the UK, and just want one or two oils occasionally, this might be a nice option.

Neal’s Yard

Including this one as I know a lot of people enjoy their oils and products.   They offer aromatherapy courses which is a nice addition to their offerings.  I believe they also have distributors like doTERRA (i.e their fans help share their products) so if you know anyone working with Neal’s Yard they would be a great person to grill about the ins-and-outs of their oils.  Their oils and indicated as not suitable for internal use, so that may be a deciding factor for you, or not!

Young Living

This one is very similar to DoTERRA. They sell through distributors like me, and they’re also committed to quality through their ‘seed to seal’ promise.  This means they take control of the whole process of producing an oil by owning the farms themselves and overseeing the process closely from ‘seed to seal’.  DoTERRA don’t own their own farms but use the business as an opportunity to partner with communities who live in the areas where the plants grow indigenous and help bring jobs and prosperity to those areas.  They use testing instead for quality control.

Young Living also have a nifty rewards programme  although it doesn’t seem  to be quite as generous as doTERRA’s.


Last but definitely not least 🙂

Why did I opt for doTERRA in the end?

A friend introduced me, and as you read above, personal recommendation means a lot to me.  I had dabbled with essential oils before, but my eyes were open to that fact that the quality I’d been buying was terrible.  My previous brand of oils might as well have had cat piss in the bottle, for all the good they did.

This friend, now my up-line since I’ve partnered with doTERRA, took the time to send me some samples and explain the benefits of doTERRA over a lot of other oil providers.

Some things that swayed me towards doTERRA:

  • They’re committed to purity – 100% pure – nothing less. As per some of the above companies, their oils undergo extensive testing. The barcode on the bottom of each bottle can be typed into this site and you can access the test results.
  • They use their essential oil business as an opportunity to pour money and build economies in places that need it most. They source from over 40 countries, many of which are developing countries. Through long-term partnerships and fair dealings with these communities they are helping to lift many places out of poverty and allowing them to thrive. This is their co-impact sourcing initiative.   You can read all about their sourcing here.
  • Their prices are fairly comparable to other high quality oil providers, as you can see from the chart, but they also do an awesome loyalty rewards programme that gives you free shipping and brings the cost down significantly.  I’ve been a member for over a year now, so I get an extra 30% off the wholesale prices.
  • Although they’re a US-company, they are also international which means shipping costs are much lower and the oils arrive swiftly on my doorstep here in the U of K.

But still, why DoTERRA? Other companies, such as the above, have a lot going for them too. Other companies are also committed to high standards and treating people and the planet well.

You know, I pondered the questions of why I was drawn to doTERRA A LOT in the beginning.

You can weigh up the information, compare the prices, research high and low, draw up your pros/cons list, and your price comparison – and I recommend you do! – but in the end, we often buy based on a feeling. Our emotions are powerful forces, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We buy from the people we like the most.  The people we want to buy from.

What attracted me to doTERRA and has made me an avid fan and advocate is the people, their whole culture, community and lifestyle philosophy.

I wanted to join the great people I knew who were already on the inside. It just felt like ‘my tribe’.

If you just want to buy a bottle or two of essential oils, then really, any of the above companies would be fine sources. If you’re looking for a whole lifestyle shift and weaving these beauties into your daily routine and wellness lifestyle + having an awesome community around you to support you in that, then doTERRA is a super choice.  I get the impression that Young Living and Rocky Mountain have this sort of vibe too, so if you know people loving those companies and selling their products, and you want to hang and enjoy the oil journey with them, then buy from them!

Maybe you’ll feel the same attraction to doTERRA as me, or maybe one of the other companies here, or perhaps another company/tribe/community entirely will steal your heart.  Either way, I hope this was helpful and that you find the people and products that make you smile from the inside out 🙂

Big oily hug

Sam x


P.S. If you know anyone interested in essential oils who might find this useful, please share!

P.P.S If I’ve made any errors in the above or you want to nominate some other good sources for essential oils, comment below 👇

Do Essential Oils Actually Work?

You may be wondering if all the hype around EO (which, let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard from me!) is actually true.

Do essential oils really work? Or are they just nice smellies, like air freshener or perfume (ew, and yurgh) but a bit more natural?

The question you’re really asking here is ‘does nature work?’  

Think about that one for a second. Do you believe there is an intelligence built into nature that’s at work?

Yay or nay?

Let’s dive in.

What is an Essential Oil?

This is super basic, but if you’re like me, you probably never really gave this much thought. Maybe you were attracted to the nice smells, and you’re a nature-loving kinda gal/guy.

Well here’s a simple description.

Visualize this if you will. A delicious, juicy, orange, growing wild and free. Not in an orchid (or whatever the orange equivalent is!), not tended by people, just wild and free. Doing it’s thing as nature intended.

Unlike us mammals it can’t fight off predators with a baseball bat.  If environmental circumstances become unfavorable, it can’t move to another postcode. If it’s cold, it can’t whack on the heating.

Basically, our wild orange has to rely on the intelligence built into it by mother nature to thrive in this world.

The rind of this wild and free (and probably rather happy) orange has natural chemical compounds in it. The compounds are it’s immunity. It’s intelligence. It’s in-built defense mechanism that keeps it alive and kicking, so to speak.#

That’s why many essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral….etc….that’s how they survive in the wild. They have this inbuilt immunity that wards off pathogens.

When we cold-press the rind of an orange to distill the essential oil (not an oil at all really, actually the plants essence) we extract the plant’s immunity. When we use their essential oils, the plants are essentially lending us their intelligence and their immunity.

Pretty cool, huh?


Here’s the science bit…

If you like to see a good study or two to see what the science says, you can fill your boots over at, a search engine for geeks.

Here’s a study that found “evidence that essential oils are potential antimicrobial agents against bacteria associated with porcine respiratory infections.” Here’s one that showed essential oils were good repellents against a type of mealworm (told you this was geeky) here’s one that suggests adding oregano essential oil to meat could be a safe way to inhibit things like salmonella in food products.  Here’s another beginning the conversation on using essential oils to help with depression. Essential oils for pain relief.  Here’s one on their anti-inflammatory action.

I’ll leave it there. There are literally hundreds of studies over at PubMed, so fill your boots and have fun learning about their super-natural powers!  👊


Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equal

If you’re feeling pumped and ready to start benefiting from this plant goodness, know that not all essential oils are created equal.

If you want the above benefits and all the awesomeness you can see over at PubMed, you need real, true, actual plant essence. Not perfume. Not something that smells kinda like it. The thing. The actual thing.

The Aromatic Plant Research Centre notes on their website that it’s estimated that 80% of commercially available oils are adulterated in some way.

Because the natural products industry is not regulated, and there is growing consumer demand for natural products, well, lots of shit is getting bottled and sold as “natural” that has nothing (or not much) to do with nature.

So watch out!

Obviously as a Wellness Advocoate for DoTERRA I love their oils and can vouch for them. But there are of course other brands doing a good job of making the power of nature accessible to us in this way.

I’ll be doing a few more blogs soon on how to spot a good quality oil, along with some tips and suggestions on good places to shop.


Want to learn more now?  Come join me over in my free Essential Wellness community.


Is DoTERRA Expensive?

This was on my heart this morning. I used to think it was expensive too, so hope this brings some clarity to the question.




Some links referenced in the video, for those of you interested in further research:

Co-Impact Sourcing of Vetiver

Co-Impact Sourcing of Frankincense


Co-Impact sourcing of Cardamon


For more from me and to start your oil journey with me

ttps:// (join my free facebook community)

DIY Natural Dental Care


What’s in your toothpaste? Have you read the ingredients? Take a look, see if it’s something you really want to be dumping in your mouth.

And what about flouride, yay or nay?

My dentist says it’s necessary to have it in my toothpaste, and that Lila should use the same stuff, but there are lots of concerns that it’s not safe. As always the information online can be pretty confusing.

That said, my initial research seems to suggest it might not be the best thing to have in our toothpaste.

This Harvard study reckons it impacts children’s neurological development.

And this review of studies  comes to the following conclusion: “The enthusiasm with which fluoride was introduced as a public health measure in the 1950s is gradually giving way to a more rational analysis of its benefits and costs as a caries prevention technology. This review argues that the modest benefits of ingested fluoride in caries prevention are thoroughly counterbalanced by its established and potential diverse adverse impacts on human health. Due to the abundance of this chemical, it is little surprising that humans ingest or inhale fluoride from a variety of sources.”

Add to this the fact that we’re exposed to fluoride through a number of different ways, including through processed foods, pesticide-residues, teflon pans, tea, and some foods including, urghhhh, sadly cocoa – NOOOOOOOO!

Pfft. So, anyhows.  Luckily it’s not hard to detox this small aspect of your daily routine.  Check out my video for tips.

Giving up the colgate is easy, Cocoa is going to be tough, next stop, researching the best suppliers of cocoa!

My Dental Essentials


Want to detox with me? Check out my bi-annual 30-Day Cleanse where we do lots of fun stuff like this together.

More charcoal fun over on Instagram 

A Very Oily Christmas

If you’d like to buy someone special a Christmas gift that will keep on giving way past Christmas day, then look no further.

If the person you’re buying for appreciates quality, ethical sourcing, and 100% natural products that support their health and amplify their wellbeing from the inside out, then we got you covered.

DoTERRA produces 100% pure certified (i.e. actually tested so you have proof that it is indeed pure) therapeutic grade essential oils, and essential oil-based products. This is THE stuff if you want the goodness and infinite intelligence of mother nature in your life. Trust me, once you’ve felt supported by these oils you won’t go back to life without them. It’s the difference between living in black and white or full-spectrum colour!

Here are my favourite gift ideas for the holiday season.

Beginners Trio/Introductory Kit

The Beginners Trio contains 15ml bottles and the Introductory Kit contains 5ml bottles of three of the most popular and versatile oils: Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon. A lovely and simple place to begin experiencing the life changing impact of working with plant power in this super accessible form.


Perfumes are so last season. Consumers are increasingly aware of the toxicity of many common perfumes, with the endocrine-disrupting chemical -mayhem that they bring,  savvy buyers are ready for better solutions, but we all want to smell lovely, so why not try some of nature’s finest pure-fumes.

Any oil that your like the smell of can work well as a perfume, but if you’re buying for a special someone here are my top three picks. Jasmine, Neroli, and Rose, and three powerful, potent plants that add a touch of beauty to any moment.

These three oils are extremely labour intensive to produce and the result is a precious and delicate plant essence.

A friend smelled by Neroli Touch and commented that it was like sticking her nose in  a bunch of flowers. Essentially, this is what the experience is. Imagine giving someone that beautiful sensation of the smell fresh flowers, but in a form that they can carry around in their pocket, that will last them months and months, if not years, and that they can pull out to brighten their day whenever they need it. Pretty awesome right? Unlike toxic perfumes, these natural pure-fumes smell great and have side-benefits. Their aromatic compounds reach our brains in 22 seconds, enter our bloodstream within two minutes, and can reach every cell in our body in around 20 minutes. They can shift our whole inner state in a very short time. A powerful tool to elevate our wellbeing. Now is that a gift or what?


The Yoga Collection

Is there a special yogi in your life? Or maybe your the special yogi looking for a Christmas treat. Well the Yoga Collection could be your best gift this Christmas. Anchor, Align, and Arise are the perfect blends to enhance your life and yoga practice. These blends provide aromas to steady, center, and enlighten your spirit through every breath while strengthening and stretching your body. And as a little bonus, here’s a beautiful worksheet to guide you in using these three.


This is a very special blend, which given the season of giving and compassion for all is definitely one to consider. The full purchase price of each doTERRA Hope Touch bottle is donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ which supports efforts to fight sex-trafficking worldwide. When you purchase this you’ll be giving someone a beautiful gift and making a charitable donation. Sounds good right?

Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit

The doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Touch line contains six unique essential oil blends combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil in 10 mL Roll-Ons for convenient and gentle topical application. These proprietary blends provide targeted emotional health benefits for the entire family and can be applied every day to specific points on the body to help balance and brighten your changing moods.  With names like Peace, Cheer and Passion, you’ve an oil for every need. These make great Pure-fumes also! The great thing about these collections is you also have the option of breaking them out into several individual gifts.

The Home Essentials Kit is the one I point almost everyone to initially. As the name suggests it’s the essential collection for all your home needs. From cleaning the house in a green and healthy way, to making your own gorgeous beauty and self care lotions and potions, right through to managing all the common ailments like the sniffles, digestive issues, stress, sleep issues. There’s something in this kit for pretty much anything you can think of. It includes a 15ml bottle of Frankincense which, well, search ‘Frankincense’ on pubmed and check out the research, you want this wise old man in your life. It also comes with the beautiful petal diffuser so you can enjoy your oils in all three ways, aromatically, topically and internally (where appropriate).  If your budget allows this is the best value for money kit.

Christmas Specials

DoTERRA have a selection of limited edition oils and sets which you can view here.  These are available while stocks last.


This page will be a work in progress, I’ll update as I gather more gifts for my loved ones and let you know of new suggestions.

If you’re ready to get going head over here or check out my getting started guide if you need more guidance.

Got questions? I’m here to help 🙂



Essential Oils for Sadness and Grief

The lessons from these oils keep on rolling in. I’m constantly surprised by their gentle power to shift my mood and physical experience in the space of a minute, or less!

Breathe (now called Easy Air, but it’ll continue to be Breathe in my mind for a while yet!)  is another oil blend I didn’t care all that much for to begin with.

Don’t judge an oil by its smell

The more I work with these oils the more I discover that smell isn’t everything, and our responses to the smell changes at any rate. It runs a lot deeper than whether you like the smell or not at first encounter. They are complex creatures. You have to spend some time with them. Get to know them. Experience the full-spectrum of their personalities.

Sometimes you need to be around people who will quietly and softly listen to you and hold space gently. Other times you need people who are going to give you the truth-bombs-no-more-bullshit-talk.  And so it is with the oils. Their unique profiles and personalities come into their own at different times in our lives.

So if you don’t like the smell at first, don’t write-them-off. Ever meet anyone you weren’t sure about at first, but then when you got to know them you began to love their quirks and uniqueness? I’m finding this is so with these oils.  Oils I really did NOT like at all are now my best buddies. Yes, I know I sound like a mad woman.

And Breeeeeeeeathe

Breathe/Easy Air is the respiratory blend and is good for, well, all things respiratory.  I have another lingering cold from the nursery bugs and a drop rubbed around my nostrils cleared my airways beautifully. They aren’t miracle cures. If you’re heavily bunged up a drop won’t miraculously make the cold go away, but it certainly helps.

Oils + Emotions

More importantly, or at least equally, on an emotional level, I’ve been experiencing some serious heart woes recently. Sorrow and grief have been around for a while and this is the best oil for sadness and grief of all types.

According to Chinese medicine the heart and lung area is where we store these emotions. I’m sure you’ve felt this in your own body. You don’t feel sadness and grief in your stomach, or knees, you feel it in your heart and chest area. Applying this oil invited me to breathe deeply and easily, making way for these emotions to move through (emotion = in motion, they are supposed to move through us, not get stuck in our body as we fight to resist them and push them away).

I love making little balms with the oils to carry with me. This one was so nice today rubbed onto my chest and neck 🙂

Breathe helps us experience our sadness and grief fully, without fighting, resisting or trying to hold it still to avoid the pain we fear. It supports us in letting this part of our human experience come through and move out, in a healthy way.

I’m astounded by the intelligence of these plants and their power to support me through this complex, interesting, challenging and beautiful journey that is life.

Are the oils whispering to you too??*

*it’s OK, I won’t tell anyone 😉

If you feel these oils are calling your name (they quite likely are) and your curiosity is spiked, then I recommend heading over to the shop and investing in the home essentials kit.  This kit includes the top 10 ‘essential’ essential oils that every home should have. These are pure certified therapeutic grade, which is important if you want to experience their healing properties as well as enjoy their aroma.

When you’ve worked your way through this kit you’ll know what these oils can do for you and what, if any, role they will play in your life going forwards. DoTerra offer so many wonderful oils and oil-based products, but my summary is that it’s the 80/20 rule. You will get 80% of the benefit from just these 10 oils. The kit also includes a beautiful diffuser so you can get those little dudes into action right away.

The offer here in the UK this month is a free bottle of copaiba with every home essentials kit.  Copaiba is an incredible oil, the most anti-inflammatory substance on earth. I’ve been using a drop under my tongue since he came into my life and I find he soothes my nerves wonderfully.

So, the short of it:


Go here to buy a home essentials kit, before the end of July if you’d like a free bottle of copaiba

Then go here to schedule a free half hour ‘I’ve got my oils, now what?’ session (subject to availability, so don’t delay!)

Diary Of An Oil Junkie

If you’d told me this time last year that essential oils would be my new obsession, hobby and a new addition to my wellness business I’m not sure I’d have believed you.

I’ve gone from occasionally using some questionable oils in an old candle burner, to owning a veritable collection of gorgeous therapeutic grade oils and using them for pretty much everything. If you’re not oil-obsessed you probably wouldn’t believe how versatile they are.

So for you, dear, curious friend, here goes, my day through the eyes of my oil collection:


My bedside companions

My ideal day starts with meditation, but it really depends if I rise before my little human decides to get up. It’s about 50/50 as she’s an early bird! If I can, I roll on some sandalwood in between my eyes and around the back of my neck, and also on my palms. I take a few deep breathes, enjoy the sandalwood and the sweet memories and feelings of my time in an ashram in India that come with the aroma. I meditate until the boss wakes up and sets me to work. 😉


I brush my teeth with the On Guard toothpaste, this is a fluoride-free toothpaste made with a combination of oils that are excellent for oral health including cinnamon and clove

I’ll also add a drop of tea-tree or On Guard to some water and swish around for a natural mouthwash.


I make all my own beauty products now, it’s so quick, easy, and cheap, to make beautiful all-natural products that make your skin smile with these lovely oils.

The picture opposite is a simple body scrub made from a base of baking soda with rosemary, tea tree and lavender. Amazing!

Sometimes I’ll just add a drop of an oil I’m liking a lot into the palm of my hand, run my dry brush through it, and then do a quick dry brushing session before hopping into the shower. Your skin feels amazing from the dry brushing and the gorgeous aroma is released with the hot water, enveloping you in a beautiful smell.  Better than chemical-laden shower gel, right?? It’s a totally different vibe.  Way to start the day! I’m loving Rosemary at the moment.


If I don’t feel like dry brushing I might just add a drop of oil to the bottom of the shower.  I don’t use any shower gel or other products in the shower – just a little castile soaps on the old pits. You don’t need anything else!!





Post-shower I apply some oil to my body and face. I have a blend I use for my face which includes frankincense and sandalwood; both great for skin and smell amazing together.






I’ll pick an oil to wear as perfume on my pulse points. A lot of perfumes have hundreds and thousands of chemicals in them, some of which are endocrine disruptors and really not great for us, so I just use oils for fragrance now. They have the added benefit of actually assisting you in terms of managing your mood and general wellbeing.  I’ll pick an oil depending on what I need that day. I’ve been feeling a bit beaten down recently by the grind of life so I’ve been using the Passion blend. Passion is the inspiring blend that helps individuals who are feeling burdened find a more playful and spontaneous side to life, and to remember that there’s more to living than working and obligations.


I’ll apply my homemade deodorant. Baking soda is another key ingredient in this one, man that stuff is versatile. I use anti-bacterial oils like lavender for this one.


If it’s hot I’ll apply my homemade sunscreen. The key ingredient is zinc oxide, and there are certain oils that are great for harmonising the effects of sun exposure. I think this one merits a separate post.




After that, the diffuser goes on in the living room with something uplifting to get the day off to a good start, peppermint, wild orange, lemon, or the cheer blend are all used frequently in various combinations.

I’ll clean my kitchen and surfaces with a homemade spray consisting of vinegar, water and drops of On Guard essential oils.


Sometimes I’ll even include some oils in my food.  These wild orange bliss balls live in the freezer for when I need a little sweet treat.

And I’ll often add a drop to my water. I’m using Slim and Sassy at the moment which is the metabolic blend designed to help with weight loss. I’ve got a bit of excess baby-weight to lose and I’m struggling with it. This blend doesn’t just work on the physical side by helping to curb cravings but supports individuals in releasing the heavy emotions which contribute to physical and emotional pounds. Now that’s where the real work is. Emotional eating is a whole quagmire that I’m very much stuck in thanks to post-baby-survival-mode. Interestingly enough I really disliked the taste and smell of this oil at first, as well as all the other oils that are recommended for this issue. Sometimes our patterns are so strong that we’re attracted to them even though they’re painful and not working and we actively avoid anything that might disrupt them and lead us in a better direction.  The jury is out on this one, but I’m working with it to see what happens.


I also use oils when oil pulling. Oil pulling is best done in the morning but I find it fits my daily routine better to do it in the evening, so that’s when it gets done, and done is better than perfect!

Peppermint leaves my mouth minty fresh, or clove and on guard are great for all-round mouth health.


By the end of the day I’m usually frazzled and I’ve got a massive sleep debt to pay off thanks to 10 months of pretty hardcore sleep deprivation. My favourite oils to use in the evening are Peace and Serenity. If my mind is all-over the shot then I’ll anchor down with Balance, the grounding blend, rubbed onto my feet and paired with a few moments of meditation, works miracles.  Another favourite evening combination is cedarwood and lavender in the diffuser, or massaged onto the soles of my feet with a little coconut oil.  

I give my face a quick wash at the end of the day, washing away the day. I apply my homemade frankincense and sandalwood infused-oil and roll-on a little Immortelle under my eyes.

And that is my typical day in oils….it’s a lot of oils right? Consider how many products you use in a day. Have you checked what’s in them? We’re routinely exposed to a ridiculous amount of chemicals. They certainly aren’t all toxic and lethal, but most of them probably aren’t beneficial either. I use A LOT of oils because I’ve slowly replaced dubious chemical-concoctions with plant-powered and fabulously-fragant home-made products. 

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