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26th -29th July 2018

Near Ascot, Berkshire

Festival details here

I’ll be teaching an AromaYoga class at this lovely festival.

Come and immerse your senses in the healing power of yoga combined with aromatherapy. Be prepared for movement and stillness, stretching and strengthening, creating space in body and mind, and an aromatic love affair with a selection of divine therapeutic grade essential oils!

I’ll also be teaching an essential oils workshop, Living Well in a Toxic World



Balm-Making Workshop

Want to learn a super sweet and simple self-care practice that even the busiest person can practice?

Come along to to this beautiful balm-making workshop and learn how to make your own healing balms. The workshop itself is free, the price covers the materials we’ll use.


What the session includes:

A couple of delightful hours in good company learning how to care for yourself with simple non-toxic ingredients

An opportunity to make your own balm with a few simple base ingredients, you’ll leave with the basic recipe and the skills to make your own balms at home

Your pick of therapeutic grade essential oils to infuse your balm with the perfect botanicals just for you and your needs

A 50ml jar with your finished balm to take home and use right away

Some tips and inspiration on how to use your balm daily for greatest benefit

The session will be at my home in West Reading, address will be provided once attendance is confirmed.

Please book a place here.

 Essential Oils Introductory Classes

Throughout July/August I will be teaching four introductory essential oil classes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how essential oils can serve you and your needs then come along!

This introductory class is for you if:

* You’re keen to proactively manage your own health and wellbeing
* You’d like to live a more natural lifestyle by reducing your exposure to
common environmental toxins
*You’d like to learn how essential oils can support you and your loved ones

What we’ll cover:

* What is an essential oil
* How you can harness the power of nature for physical, mental and
emotional health
* How to pick which oils to buy and where to buy them from
* How to safely use oils internally, topically and aromatically
* How essential oils can contribute to a healthier lifestyle
* An introduction to the top ten essential oils that every home should
* A chance to experience the top ten oils
*The opportunity to ‘make ‘n’ take’ a roller-bottle with essential oils that are tailored to your current needs

The class is free, with a small fee to cover the cost of the samples you’ll try and the personalised blend you’ll take with you.

The classes will be hosted at my home in West Reading (RG30) so spaces are limited.

The fragrant and fabulous world of pure therapeutic grade oils is waiting for you…

RSVP for the classes here:

Monday 23rd July, 7.30-9.0opm

Wednesday 8th August, 7.30-9pm

Thursday 16th August, 7.30-9pm

Wednesday 22nd August, 7.30-9pm

Free Talks

Please register for the free talks here.  The free talks will be delivered via Zoom conference call, so all you need is an internet connection.

Lifestyle Medicine: Part One

How to Live Longer AND Better.

The average life expectancy in the UK is 81 years, but the average health span is just 71 years. The last decade of life on average is spent battling chronic illness and preventable diseases.

If you’re interested in living well now and into your golden years, in taking responsibility for pro-actively managing your health care, then come and take some notes on the habits of longevity.

Wednesday 15th August, 7.30-8.15pm


Lifestyle Medicine Part 2: Reducing Your Toxic Load

Around 85,000 chemicals have been introduced into our environment in the last 50-100 years. The  Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. estimates that our indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment!

In this free talk we’ll discuss some of the most versatile essential oils to have on hand to detox your home.

We’ll cover how easy it is to swap out the unnecessary chemicals and empower yourself to live naturally with just a few basic ingredients; from cleaning your sink to cleaning your teeth, there’s a simple natural solution for all your needs.

Tuesday 21st August, 7.30-8.15pm


See you soon!