I’m currently on maternity leave so classes have been paused!


Yoga Health Coaching

Are you ready to create a healthier lifestyle that allows you to truly care for the only body you’ll ever have? As a yoga health coach I partner with clients to identify and overcome barriers to living a great life.

Having a physical body that is vibrantly healthy is the foundation of great health and joyful living.  When we attune our physical body to its natural state of health we create a ripple through to the deeper layers of our being. We align our emotional and mental bodies to experience more ease and greater clarity. When we do this we get access to  our innermost layer, what the yogis call the anandamaya kosha, the bliss layer. Sounds pretty good, right? Bliss is our potential. If you’re not living into that yet let’s work out how to bridge the gap.

If you’ve got a specific health or life goal but you’re unsure how to gain traction with it then book  a FREE 15-minute strategy session with me. Don’t be shy! Let’s chat and see how I might support you on your journey.