Are You Investing Wisely?


Warren Buffet is widely acknowledged to be one of the best investors in the world. He obviously knows a thing or two about investing. So what’s his top investment tip? Well, he says there’s one standout asset that you cannot invest too much in. The more you plough into this asset the greater the returns. Oh, and the returns are guaranteed, both in the short term and the long-term.

So what the heck is this amazing asset that you should be ploughing your hard earned dollar into? YOU!

“Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.” Warren Buffet 

This may come as a bit of shock to some. Perhaps you’re not used to investing heavily in yourself or you’ve never really thought about it. Maybe consciously or subconsciously you have doubts or fears about whether you’re worth it? Maybe you actually believe yourself and your dreams to be a risky investment?

Look at it this way, if Warren Buffet was suddenly stripped of all his assets and money, left without a penny to his name, do you think he would stay that way for long? Not a chance in hell. He’s invested in himself; he’s acquired the skills and knowledge and general know-how to be a success. He’d be on a 6-figure salary and back on the road to high-level success by the end of the week.

No one can ever take the knowledge we have, the skills we’ve developed or the experiences we’ve had.

Most of us are willing to spend thousands, even hundreds of thousands, on a car, a house, or any manner of ’stuff’ that seems so indispensable, but how many of us are willing to spend that sort of money on our actual home on this earth; our body, mind and spirit?

How many of us are willing to continuously invest our time and money on learning how to care for our bodies, developing our minds, and experiences that enrich and nourish our souls? Investing in yourself means taking care of yourself, body, mind and spirit.

“Imagine that you had a car and that was the only car you’d have for your entire lifetime. Of course, you’d care for it well, changing the oil more frequently than necessary, driving carefully, etc. Now, consider that you only have one mind and one body. Prepare them for life, care for them. You can enhance your mind over time. A person’s main asset is themselves, so preserve and enhance yourself.” Warren Buffet

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot recently. I just invested an eye-watering amount of money in myself. It cleaned me out. I even had to borrow to get the cash together. I don’t think I’ve ever been so broke. Handing over all my savings was scary but 100% worth it.

The money was spent on pursuing my dream, and that’s priceless.  

I now have a top-class coach and I’m part of an exclusive community of highly motivated and inspirational individuals who are turning their dreams into reality. These people are at the cutting edge, they’re gung-ho and going for it, and I’ve just bought my ticket for the ride.


“It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.” – Warren Buffet


When I look back 10 years from now this short patch of being temporarily broke will be insignificant because I’ll be reaping the benefits of all the knowledge, skills and contacts I’m already gaining from being in this community and accelerating my personal development.


How To Invest in Yourself

Cultivate healthy habits. What you do day-to-day has the biggest impact on what sort of life experience you’ll have overall. Our daily habits have huge cumulative power. They either take us slowly towards what we want or gradually further away. What effect does a coffee every morning have on your digestive system, your kidneys, your nervous system and your skin over an entire lifetime? What if you had a glass of fresh green juice first thing in the morning instead? What effect would that have on your body over a lifetime? One coffee isn’t going to be the end of us. One day without exercises isn’t going to kill us, but what we do most of the time, what we do routinely, our daily habits, they decide our destiny, so we better be paying attention today.

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” –Warren Buffet

Invest in your health. Exercise DAILY and even in short bursts throughout the day. Your body wants to move and be active. Don’t be a stagnant pool. Find something you enjoy, get a dog and walk it, take up dancing or rollerblading, join a sports team or yoga group. What’s the absolute best form of exercise guaranteed to keep you well? The one you actually do, so find what you’re willing to do!

Invest in your food. Good food can be expensive but it’s an investment, it becomes your body! Growing your own fruit and vegetable is even better, for your body and your bank account!

Read books, lots and lots of books. Some of my current favourites are listed here.

Take a course. Pursue a hobby or interest to the next level. Unleash your creative side! 

Get a mentor or coach, someone who’s further along than you and who’s already achieved what you want. You might not be ready to invest this much in yourself but if you are ready to go for gold then there’s no better or quicker way than getting someone who’s already trodden the path to show you the way! It’s not a luxury, it’s an investment!

Avoid television and seek out new experiences!

 Invest your time with people who can support your growth, people who have the same aspirations. As Warren Buffet says, when you associate with these sorts of people ’you’ll drift in that direction.’


The best way to ensure a high quality of life and to experience personal success and satisfaction is to continuously invest in yourself. You will always get out waaaaay more than you put in, I promise, but how much are you willing to put in? What are you worth to yourself?



Author: Sam Vale Noya

Yoga instructor currently living and teaching in Reading, UK.