Essential Wellness

I’ve used essential oils on and off for years; mostly in the old oil burner for the nice aroma.

In recent years doTERRA oils seem to have cropped up everywhere I look. More and more friends on social media have been sharing and raving about them, there are classes everywhere, people even pop up at festivals sharing and selling them.

My rebellious streak initially made me quite resistant to them. What is this ridiculously-well-marketed-company? As if ‘successful’, and ‘profitable’, and ‘popular’ were dirty words that automatically made them ‘bad’. Weird how our minds work, eh?

Thankfully, someone I know approached me to see if I’d be interested in learning more about them and checking out some samples, seeing as this sort of thing is clearly totally-and-utterly up my alley. Double thankfully, I always keep an open mind, despite whatever funny mental reactions arise first.

I got some samples in the post soon after and, well, wow. They really did smell amazing. A few months of faffing and research and more faffing and research ensued. I used up my samples and dipped my toe in by purchasing a bottle of their On Guard blend. Gosh that stuff smells divine. I had a lot of fun using it in many different ways. I diffused it in the diffuser, used a drop with some coconut oil for oil pulling, made a little roller-bottle to apply to my feet to keep colds and flus at bay, made some kitchen spray, made an anti-bacterial handspray…these oils are super versatile, are you getting that vibe? I also talked about the oils enough that my partner bought be a whole collection of them for Christmas. Possibly to shut me up 🙂  Well, that was it. The rest is probably history. I’m a veritable oil-junkie now, and if I had grandmothers still alive I’d be trying to flog them to buy myself some more oil-crack!!

My old collection of oils are sitting there forlornly as I decide what to do with them because by comparison I’ve realised they really aren’t that nice. Although they say they’re ‘pure’ they clearly aren’t of the same standard, not by a longshot. Once you’ve tasted wholeness you don’t want to go back to junk.

There’s also so much more to these certified-therapeutic-grade oils than just a pretty scent. They are healing, potent, plant-power. They are the essence of a plant’s immunity distilled into a handy container to support our health and wellbeing.

I’m also thankful that such an ethical company that’s making an amazing and health-ful product ARE good at marketing and sharing their goods. Because, you know what? Companies that sell crap that destroys our health and the planet have long had the limelight and been rammed into our faces. It’s about time companies that are doing good in the world got better at getting into consumers hands. Because they can actually benefit and positively impact our lives.

So that’s my essential wellness journey so far. Are you ready to join the revolution? If you want information or samples or anything, just lemmmmee know, ok?!  This stuff’s too good to keep to yourself 🙂



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