Essential Wellness

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What is An Essential Oil?

Unlike humans and mammals, plants growing out in the wild can’t run away from predators, or turn the heating on when they get cold! They have to rely on their innate intelligence to ward off predators and remain healthy.

A lemon for example, has chemical compounds in its rind that ward of insects, bacteria, viruses etc..that could otherwise destroy it.  DoTERRA takes the rinds of lemons, cold-presses them, and distills these compounds into small glass bottles. An essential oil is the essence of a plants immunity. When we use pure therapeutic grade oils we partner with nature. She lends us her immunity, to support our highest health and wellbeing. Pretty cool, huh?

And this is how it’s supposed to be. The Plant-Human connection is ancient and deep, it’ what’s sustained us always. We’ve just veered off track in the last 50-100 years. But people are awakening to the need to find their way back, the need for more natural solutions to our daily needs and life’s challenges.



There are so many factors to consider when producing an essential oil. Many brands on the market a labelled ‘pure’, but what do they actually mean by this? As the essential oil world isn’t regulated at all, it might not mean anything, so please be aware!

Some factors that affect the potency of the oil that ends up in your hands:

  • Where was the plant grown? Was it grown in the place on earth where it grows indigenously? Where the soil composition, the climate, the humidity, the rainfall etc etc is ideal for that plant to flourish as nature intended?
  • Was it grown without pesticides, herbicides? Was it grown where the air is fresh, or on the side of a motorway?
  • Were the plants tended to properly, harvested at just the right time? Or were they harvested early to increase profitability or make money faster?
  • Were they processed gently, carefully and patiently to preserve the potency of the compounds in the plant? Or was the processing speeded up through the use of chemicals to make the whole thing more profitable?
  • Were the people who planted, harvested and produced the plants paid a fair wage for their services to our planet and to our health? Was their work valued and appreciated, were they enabled to enjoy doing this work, work that sustains their families and communities? Or were they taken advantage of and paid the absolute minimum price possible?
  • Are the oils tested by a third party once produced to ensure they are indeed 100% pure? Can you view the results of those tests yourself?

DoTERRA are committed to taking the greatest care at every step of the process to produce the highest quality oil while empowering the communities at the sources of all this oil magic to thrive and receive fair payment for their work.  

From the source to the end consumer, everyone is happy. Everything is done right. This is how business should be done.

Here’s a four minute video that will show you what I mean…


DoTERRA are the most trusted and most tested oil supplier in the world.  Their customer retention rate is edging towards the 80% mark. If you haven’t already experienced these beautiful oils, I dare you to go ahead and leap right into this magical world right NOW!

How to Shop

DoTERRA oils are not available in shops. They are sold via people like me. When you purchase your oils through me, that’s not the end of the transaction, that’s just the start! Once I receive confirmation of your order I’ll be in touch to ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of these oils.

I’m an advocate for these oils because I’ve experienced first hand how they support my physical, mental, emotional, and hell even spiritual health.

I would not be without these beautiful plant-pals now we’ve become such intimate friends. They just make life better. End of!


If you’re ready to join me here’s how:

Head over to:

In the top right hand corner click ‘Join & Save’

I recommend starting with the Home Essentials Kit, this includes the top 10 ‘essential’ essential oils every home should have. I come back to these oils time and time again. If you’re new to oils, this collection will fling the door of oily-possibilities wide open for you. Once you’re done getting to know and using this kit you will know exactly what these oils can do for you. The kit comes with a diffuser so you can put these dudes into action right away.

You save around £100 with the kit, compared to what you would pay if you bought everything individually.


The oils you’ll receive are:

Peppermint: Cooling and uplifting, amazing in chocolate recipes of all kinds!
Lemon: Cleans and clear, both inner and outer spaces. The top oil for making your own non-toxic cleaning products. A drop in water is super refreshing.
Lavender:  Relaxing and soothing, great for bedtime, amazing for all things skin-related, as well as cuts and burns.
Oregano: The ninja of the bunch, provides strong immune support.
Tea Tree:  Great for bites and skin conditions. I add a drop to water and use as a natural mouthwash.
Frankincense: A super powerful oil. We have a jingle in the oil community ‘If in doubt get your frankincense out’. He pretty much does everything, grounding and uplifting, beautifies skin and promotes cell regeneration, and has a long, long history as a powerful aid to spiritual practices.
Easy Air:  The Respiratory blend,  all things breathe related, great for allergies and when your fighting a cold.
Ice Blue: The Soothing Blend, any aches or pains, this is truly magic!
OnGuard: Protective blend – wards off bacteria and protects the immune system. Has the added bonus of smelling like Christmas!
DigestZen: Digestive blend – promotes healthy digestion, aids with anything digestion-based, like bloating, nausea, heart-burn.  Good for travel sickness too.

Get the kit, have your own direct and intimate experience with these oils, and THEN decide if they’re for you or not. Please, please, pretty please, don’t decide essentials oils aren’t for you until you’ve worked with this kit. Decide from a place of direct experience and full-knowledge.

Take the leap now and I’ll be there to catch you and ensure these plants serve you in experiencing your highest health and wellbeing.


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