I love books. And making lists. So, in a flash of inspiration, I decided to keep a list of the books I’m reading that are rocking my world.


Not books obviously but these are my go-to source of inspiration right now. Easy to listen to on the go.

Here are some of my favourite podcast sources of inspiration on living well:

The Living Experiment

The Rich Roll Podcast

The Yogahealer Podcast 

The Minimalists Podcast

The Ultimate Health Podcast

The Model Health Show

The Art of Attention, Elena Bower
Possibly my favourite book of the year so far. I bought it on a whim as I needed a elenabowerquick dopamine hit at work. Impulse buying on amazon works like a charm, then there’s the excitement of receiving a ‘you have personal post’ email from the post room. It’s a bit like Christmas. But at work, where it’s needed most. So anyways, just thought it looked pretty but it has so much depth to it. The book really is a work of art. The photos are inspiring. There are five themed yoga practices written out with pictures and instructions and prompts to reflect on the intention of each practice throughout. I did have some doubts about following a yoga sequence that was written out on paper rather than the corresponding videos which are on yogaglo, but I can honestly say this workbook has proved much more useful than any online video. Online videos are awesome, but you can’t go at your own pace. There’s not the same space and silence to really explore what going on with yourself. With this workbook you can look at the inspiring pictures, read a few words of inspiration, contemplate them, do some of the sequence, contemplate some more…basically take it all at your own pace and really digest what’s presented and explore it in your own body. Yep, definitely my surprise favourite book of the year.

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival, Katrina Blair
Did you know you can eat weeds? I didn’t. For the last few months I’ve been starting the day with a wild dandelion whole juice, inspired by this book. You won’t look at weeds the same again.

Be Happy!: Release the Power of Happiness in YOU, Robert Holden
Did you know you can learn to be happier? Pretty cool. This book teaches you how. Based on a course the author has run over many years. If you read the book and do Smiley.svgthe exercises you are guaranteed to be happier by the end. One exercise that struck me in particular was the ‘100 gratitudes exercise’. Write out 100 things you’re grateful for. I know, I know…100 things is a lot and it’s going to take some time rooting around the old mind to come up with a list. But one of our main problems as humans is that we’re always focusing on what’s missing, what we want next. We don’t take enough time to really take stock of our blessings. We take SO MUCH for granted.  By the end of this exercise you’ll feel like the richest person in the world.

The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months, Brian P. Moran
This is a system to get shit done. It’s basically a ‘how to manage your time to fit in the important stuff and be a super-achiever’. It’s good. I had been practising some of the principles anyway but t was nice to have my vague approach written out as a full methodology. The key takeaway is don’t get caught up in busy work. Set your goals, work out what you need to do to achieve them, break it down into executionable actions that you can actually do on a daily and weekly basis.

I bought the following to go with this –

The Self Journal 
Not a book but a jourjournalnal to map out how to plan to take over the world. I love a good bit of stationery. This is good and I enjoyed using it for about four weeks, until out of nowhere I went all digital on myself and started using google calendar and trello!! Where did that come from? Lolz. I will go back to this though. It’s a 12-week journal to help you get to a specifc goal. I didn’t really have a specific goal, which is why I stopped using it. I need to get clear on my next big goal and then hit it again and 12-week-year the hell out of it.

Body Thrive: Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga, Cate Stillman
Well, what to say. Life changer. Seriously. If you go away and follow up on any of these recommendations make it be this one. It’s so simple, 10 key habits from yoga and Ayurveda and how to actually implement them in your life in 10 weeks to reach new levels of wellness.

This one definitely didn’t sit around gathering dust!

An advert for this came up on my facebook feed when I was at…well…a low point. I’d just made a major life decision that didn’t make a lot of sense and I had totally depleted my ojas (the vital nectar that makes us feel good, grounded and generally sane.) I was feeling pants. I needed to get back on track, this looked perfect, so I bought the book and started a mini bookclub with my yogaclass. Within the first two weeks it helped me turn everything around. I’m now totally addicted to everything Cate Stillman has to offer. She does an amazing weekly podcast WAAAAAAAY better than anything on the radio. Assuming you’re into this sort of thing 🙂 Check it out! It’s free which is awesome, and full of such practical tips and inspiration.


Other resources

Online subscriptions to yoga classes My yoga teacher! You can subscribe to his online classes now, woop! And if anyone is looking for a good ashram, this is it. Lots of videos and goodness More online classes

Courses and workshops in the UK, well London – (Where I did my first teacher training 🙂