Mama Thrive

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Photo by Sapna Odlin

Are you planning to start a family? Currently journeying through pregnancy? New mama? Or maybe you’ve been on your mama-adventure for awhile now.

Whatever stage you’re at you’re likely the primary source of nurturance and care for your family.  You set the tone, “happy wife, happy life” as the saying goes. It’s a huge responsibility!

Your default is likely to be running around like superwoman,  placing everyone else’s needs before your own.  Taking time for your own self-care may seem like a complete luxury, a far-flung dream, or maybe even downright selfish!

But it’s true what they say,  you can’t pour from an empty cup.  You can only offer what you’ve got, so the best gift you can give your family is a happy healthy mama. When mama thrives the whole family thrives!

Mama Thrive is a 10-week self-care programme that distills the essential wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda in a simple and fun way to fit around even the busiest of lives.

If you feel:

  • overwhelmed
  • stressed out
  • energetically drained
  • like there’s not enough time in the day
  • too guilty to carve out time for your own care

This programmes is designed to:

  • Ground you in the simple daily habits that will support you and your family’s wellbeing from the inside out
  • Shift you effortlessly out of overwhelm and stress into greater ease
  • Help you get clear on what you can do to support yourself (and recognise what you do to sabotage yourself!)
  • Help you create a supportive environment for your own and your family’s wellbeing
  • Experience increased energy and vitality
  • Sleep better and feel well-rested
  • Feel calmer and more at ease
  • Align yourself and your family with the essential habits for longevity and healthy ageing
  • Connect you with a community of like-minded mamas who are ready to bring more joy and ease into their lives

What you’ll get

• 10 inspiring video lessons on the 10 fundamental habits you need to thrive. Each week we’ll dive into a new habit. Over the 10 weeks you’ll see improvements in your sleep, diet, exercise routine and your ability to find ease and joy in daily living. Plus much more!

• 10 weekly live group-coaching calls. This is the juice of the programme. You ask questions, we troubleshoot your challenges, you hear from your peers and share the experience together.  Being part of a group committed to the same process increases your chances of success by 70% compared to going solo. We harness group momentum to accelerate the process.

• Access to online resources including our course e-books: The Master Habits e-Book presents the essential habits for healthy living while the Habit Changing Guide shows you how to successfully dial in new habits. Accountability and tracking worksheets are also available to keep you on track to meet your goals.

• Worksheets for implementing each week’s lessons and practices. Each week you’ll have clear action steps to help dial in the new habit in a simple and fun way.

• A copy of the book: Body Thrive by Cate Stillman, our course textbook and essential manual for up-levelling your body and your life with 10 habits from Yoga and Ayurveda.

• Private Facebook forum exclusively for members of the programme where you will share your journey and get support at any time from me and your peers.

• One-on-one coaching sessions. You’ll get two 30-minute individual coaching sessions with me over the course of our 10-weeks together. We’ll clarify the actions needed for you to take the next step on your journey.

• Weekly emails from me to stay fired-up and focused.

If you’re interested click below to register your interest and I’ll be in touch soon!