“Sam is a great teacher. It really doesn’t matter how fit or flexible you are, this class is still for you. The group is great fun so we have a good laugh.”


‘I started attending Sams’ Vinyasa Flow Class from January 16 this year. As Meditation is a keen interest of mine, part of the Meditation process is being ‘alert’ while practising. So I thought the next logical step that would help this part of the process was doing Yoga. It certainly keeps you alert via the stretches and Sam instilling and maintaining your concentration on the breath and the now (present moment). As a result of attending Sams’ classes for the last 7 months, my body feels a lot fitter as well as my circulation is better. After every week I attend class, I feel 10 foot taller and GREAT without a worry in the world as my focus is on the present. I also feel at times that I have conquered the unachievable where there are some poses and stretches I feel that are impossible to do. Sometimes, I feel I have gone beyond my limits and this instils a greater sense of confidence for me personally. Sam is very supportive, she will attend to you on stretches where they seem difficult, and she will always keep you up if you fear that you are falling down. Beginners do not need to feel afraid. Sam is very accommodating to everyone. If there are new beginners in a class, she will cater it for them and make them feel very comfortable. If you do not learn something new everyday in your normal life, you will learn something every week from Sam, that is for sure as Sam passes on her studies and practises and shares her (wealth of) knowledge and wisdom onto us which at times can be enlightening in itself."


“I have enjoyed going to Sam's yoga class for over 2 years now & would never go anywhere else. My health, wellbeing & outlook have completely changed for the better. Always leave feeling wonderful! The most comfortable & welcoming class I've been to, highly recommended!!”


“Sam is an excellent yoga teacher who is passionate, patient and very knowledgeable. Every class is suitable for all levels and I always feel very relaxed afterwards like I could float away.”


FOR THE BOYS: For some men / boys, you mention the word ‘Yoga’ and there is a conception that it is a female activity ONLY. I get ridiculed at work (in a joking way of course) but I tell you what…….. doing a Yoga class is as tough, if not tougher, than a general workout! You will find out what your Edge is and should seek to improve on this week by week. Yoga is great for everything and if you are a keen sportsman I do recommend you try Yoga. It’s a brilliant pre-cursor to a warm up and cool down and alleviates those muscles tightness which use to be tight for you (ie calf muscles) and will help in your general being. Ryan Giggs, Manchester United Player and Legend, practises Yoga and he praises it for making him be able to play football at the highest level up until the age of 40. He loved it so much that he even made a Yoga DVD! So gents, I encourage you ALL to take up and practise yoga.”


“I've been attending Sam's classes for over a year and really enjoy each class for the variety of postures and relaxation. Sam encourages you to explore postures and to always listen to your own body. I particularly enjoy hearing the Sanskrit words and the stories and myths behind each asana.”


“I got hooked on Sam’s classes, a lovely mix of yoga styles, both fun and challenging. Friendly and honest guidance to simply LOVE your yoga practice!”



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