Spiritual Warrior

There is set of three poses in yoga called Warrior or Virabdhrasana I, II and III. These are easily the most iconic of the standing postures, but what’s a peace-loving system like yoga doing celebrating warriors?

The postures are inspired by a legend from Hindu mythology.  Shiva, the lord of consciousness, was married to his cheap jerseys beloved Sati. Sati’s father Daksha did not approve of the marriage. Despite being the lord of consciousness, limitless and transcendent, Shiva was also wholesale jerseys China a wandering ascetic, a dreadlocked, marijuana-smoking, forest-dwelling hippy!

One day Daksha threw a huge party but refused to invite Shiva. Sati confronted her father at the party and got into a rather heated argument with him. So heated in fact that Sati’s anger and despair caused her to burst into flames right in the middle of the party, reducing her to ashes!

When news of this reached Shiva his fury was unleashed. In his rage he pulled out one of his dreadlocks and threw it to the earth. With wholesale jerseys the force W1of his anger this dreadlock snaked down through the earth and was transformed into Virabhadra, the great warrior. Virabhadra burst into the party by thrusting himself up from deep beneath the earth with his sword held over his head in both hands, this is represented in Virabhadrasana I.



He then located Daksha and lined up his sword ready to attack. This is reflected in Virabhadrasana II




w3And finally he lunged forward slaying Daksha’s head off, voila, Virabhadrasana III

Shiva arrived at the party later on and had a change of heart upon seeing all the destruction Virabhadra wreaked.  Shiva found Daksha’s decapitated body and giving it the head of a goat breathed life back into Daksha. Dakhsa returned with his pride in check and was overwhelmed with gratitude for Shiva’s generous gesture. Daksha bowed to Shiva in awe and For honour.

The moral of the story? If someone annoys you, send someone in wholesale nfl jerseys to decapitate them. Not quite. The story is symbolic; Shiva represents our higher Self, battling the lower self, the ego (Daksha).

A spiritual warrior is someone who fights the enemy within, the ego. This is the toughest opponent we’ll ever face. We need the strength and courage of the fiercest warrior to take down our own ignorance and our own ego in order to end the source of all suffering.

Remember this story the next time you practice any of the warrior poses. We can use these poses to increase our strength, endurance and patience. We’re going to need it to stay wholesale jerseys the course on the inward journey!

Author: Sam Vale Noya

Yoga instructor currently living and teaching in Reading, UK.