Yoga Health Coaching

As a Yoga Health Coach I help clients shift from the default trajectory of our culture to a path of thrive.

Let’s consider for a moment what a default life looks like. This is normal:

  • To be routinely stressed out and overwhelmed
  • To feel like there’s never enough time for what really matters
  • To put the basic self-care needs of our body after everything else
  • To not provide our body with the exercise and nourishment it needs to feel great
  • To carry excess weight which continues to accumulate as we age
  • To  experience less than optimum energy and use caffeine to get through the day
  • To be chronically sleep deprived

If we do nothing and slide along this ’normal’ trajectory we start to degenerate. We experience aches, pains, and stiffness as we age. We make our body a welcoming home for one or many of the degenerative diseases that are so prevalent and on the rise.

There is an alternative. The path of thrive. The path of thrive is for people who understand that ultimately their health, wellbeing and their capacity to live a healthy, joyful and fulfilled life is down to them and no-one else.

They understand that they’re the captain of their own ship and that the actions they take today are steering them in a certain direction.

They aren’t happy to keep sailing towards degeneration and disease, to simply ‘get through’ another day or merely ‘survive’.  

They understand life is to be lived fully and purposefully. They’re curious about what’s possible. How good can it be? What might I be capable of? 

If you’re ready to thrive hit the button below and apply for a short strategy session where we can decide together whether working with me might be your next step.



If you’re ready to dive right ahead and start getting life on track then book a Wellness Consult with me. In this 60-minute session we will get to grips with what your health and wellness goals are, what’s standing in the way of you reaching them, and what exactly you can do starting NOW to take action.